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If you have ever dreamed of having a fantastic travel career…
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Imagine getting paid to travel!

Better yet…imagine getting paid
to take luxury vacations with people!




You are about to discover one of the best kept secrets in the travel industry today!

Here at our Group Travel School, we will show you how you can have a fantastic vacation career and travel career that will allow you to:

  • Go where YOU want to go…
  • Go when you want to go….
  • Do what you want to do…
  • …and GET PAID to do it!

This is a very specialized part of the industry that very few people know about or understand. But it represents one of the most exciting and lucrative business opportunities in the travel world today. It is called Leisure Group Travel…and this part of the travel industry is starting to explode!

This is a travel career and a business model that gives you the power to vacation at exotic locations all over the world. You’ll get to:

  • Stay at the finest resorts…
  • Eat at the finest restaurants…
  • Get to see and do things that normal tourist can’t…
  • …and ENJOY life to the fullest!

This is not about being a tour guide or a conventional travel agent.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, guess again! It’s very true and very real.

It’s called being a group travel organizer. And with the proper training…this is a dream job! It is one of the best jobs in the travel industry! You are actually getting paid to go on vacations with people that you like, to places that you want to go, and getting to do what you want to do when you get there! AND…. You can make a lot of money doing this! More money than most people make at regular 9 to 5 jobs.

But more important than the money, is the fantastic lifestyle that you can have. Your life becomes one big adventure, taking trip after trip. And if you don’t like “adventure” all the time, that’s ok too. Because you also can make great money just taking a lazy cruise…or a spring break in Cancun… or a lazy stroll through small towns in the South of France. Or… you can go hang gliding in Rio! It is totally up to you.

Like anything else worth doing, there is some work that goes with this. But the fact is that most people work far harder, and longer….and for far less pay than they would as a group travel organizer. Just think about this… your “job” is to pick locations that you want to go to, help organize a group, and go on the trip! How hard is it to organize a group? Well, that depends on you, and how you approach this business. But we can show you how to do this, so that it is less work than most people do planning their own family vacations. And, at the end of the “work” that we do, is always an amazing reward… a luxury vacation to a destination of our dreams! How do we know? We have been doing this for years!


Here we are… “working” again!


We have a fantastic program that is designed to help you realize your financial goals and your world travel dreams! This website is for you! Take a moment a discover how good your life can be!

About our complementary Introduction Travel Course:


“How to Get Paid for Taking
Luxury Vacations with People!”

by Mark Ewing


In this online intro to group travel course, Industry insider, Mark Ewing, will show you how you can make great money traveling the world in style!

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Mark takes you on “the grand tour” of the Leisure Group Travel industry. Through this interactive and multi-media travel course, he will introduce you to an industry that is currently growing at an amazing rate. You’ll see real life examples of people that are living an amazing lifestyle of world travel. Travel at its finest. You will learn how you can do this too!

When you have taken this course, you can start making a list of all the places that you’ve always wanted to go. Because when you find out these industry secrets…

“You won’t have to wait till you get rich or retire!”