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Learn how you can get paid to travel,
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If you have always dreamed about a life of riches, adventure, romance and travel, then you will want to take advantage of our TRAVEL COURSE.

This online course shows you how ANYONE can have an amazing career, traveling the globe IN STYLE for FREE and even getting paid to do it! I don’t care what your background is, or where you live. ANYONE CAN DO THIS.


Even better, if you are ALREADY in the travel business, as a travel agent, We’ll demonstrate how you can set yourself free from those office chains, and double or triple your current income.

The fact is, in this line of work, the more vacations you take, traveling with people… the faster you will fill up your bank account!

Now I am not talking business travel here. What I am talking about, is High End Luxury Vacations. You’ll be vacationing in destinations around the world that you have always dreamed about. Go where you want to go! And when you want to go! And do what you want to do when you get there!


In his travel course “How to Get Paid to Take Luxury Vacations with People!”, Industry insider, Mark Ewing, shows you how you can make great money traveling the world in style…on YOUR terms!

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In this introductory travel course, Mark shares with you how he discovered this amazing part of the travel industry, and how you can have a fantastic lifestyle, and an amazing income, by taking luxury vacations with people to exotic destinations all over the world!

It is called leisure group travel, and It is a part of the industry that very few people know about, and even if they do know about it, they rarely understand it, or know how to do it correctly. We hear from travel agents all the time that thought that they knew very thing about this, only to find out that they have been doing it the hard way for years…and didn’t realize all the fun and travel that they missed out on, because they were doing it wrong. Like anything else in life, if you know the secrets of how to do something, it can make all the difference in the world.

This isn’t about being a tour guide, a tour director or a conventional travel agent. You don’t even need any travel agent credentials to do this!

Which brings up a good point that needs to be emphasized again, and that is the fact that ANYONE CAN DO THIS! It doesn’t matter where you live, or what your background is like. You can do it part time or full time. You can do it just for a couple of free vacations… or you can take a lot of vacations and make a very good living! Some people have taken this to the extreme, and have made multi-million dollar fortunes.

AND THIS BUSINESS IS BOOMING! BIG TIME! There are four major economic trends that are converging all at the same time, and the result is that the demand for this industry is going through the roof! We go over all this in this Travel Course.

Here is a list of the chapters of the course:

  • Welcome to the Good Life!
  • A Truly Amazing Discovery.
  • The Four Major Trends
  • How This All Works…for YOU!
  • The Key to Success
  • Tapping into Mark and WYOT
  • You Can Have It All
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Your Future Lifestyle
  • A Few Last Thoughts


This Course is packed with real life examples and success stories of average ordinary people that are now living extraodinary lifestyles. Lifestyles that millionaires would be jealous of. Some of these people are now taking over 20 luxury vacations a year…to exotic locations all over the world!


You’ll learn how to verify all of what we present for yourself. It is all around you… and once you know what to look for, you will find success stories everywhere.

This Course is loaded with an amazing amount of insider information.