These are a few of the emails that we get back on a daily basis (too bad you can’t hear some of the telephone calls we get!):


“Hello Mark. Thank you for the course. It is very informative and I have gotten a lot out of it. Honestly this opportunity just blows my mind! I would have never thought I could actually make a living traveling the world. I have always wanted to live life like an adventure and this seems to be the perfect chance to do that.” — Fred Athenia


“Wow! This course is amazing! I have never ever seen an online course like this. The audio files, the videos. And all the information. I have read it about three times now, and I can’t sleep! I am busy thinking about what I want to call my travel business. Any ideas?” — Amy Sorenson


“Thank you for your excellent course, I really like it, it works for me and I ‘get it’ …Your program is motivating, inspirational and realistic – thank you for all the work you have done to simplfy the process.” — Lane Scott


“Your course is very informative. Because of it , I have taken the plunge and am organizing groups into Mexico. I am heading there now. The plan is to travel through Central and South America. Thanks again. Regards, Jose”



“Wow, I had no Idea I would have contacted such great people so quickly. I have been working really hard and don’t have allot of time to follow up on my email responses. I just saw your video and am really exited. Cant wait to get started. I want to extend an invitation also to our place in Mex. I am hopping to some day repay your kindness. Will be in touch.. Take care Mark.” — Jordon Brown



” Mark – You’re right…I work 5 days a week at a job I enjoy but feel chained to it and the area in which I live. The chain has worn me down and I am ready to be free of it….. After a 6 week trip to Athens, Crete & Santorini in April, all I can think about with much joy is having a lifestyle that will enable me to be free enough to do this at least a couple times a year….even if for only two-three weeks at a time. I’ve read most of your course and my husband (who is not currently working) all of it. We are trying to prioritize being able to go further with this. Prior to the trip to Greece, I would never have been able to believe it possible….I now can. It’s only a matter of time now:)” — Crystal Merrill


To access the intro travel course
go to http://www.VacationCareers.com


“Dear Mark:
I have read the course and the truth is I am facinated. I think its truly fantastic. I have always had a passion for the travel and tourism indutry. I have an associate degree in tourism management and I am presently doing my BA(Hons) in Management. I am for Trinidad and Tobago. Such a business like this would be considered a niche here and this makes it even more exciting to be part off. I came across your website trying to find a way online to make money to pay for university. I was always desirous of opening my own Travel Agency but I did not know where to start , no finances and yet afraid of just doing it on my own without mentoring and support. I am happy to know that there people like you all you more than willing to train, mentor and support someone to get started in Group Leisure businesses,it’s awesome.” — Youlanda Small


Thank you so much for following up with me. I did read through the entire course, and I’m VERY interested in becoming a group travel organizer! Right now I am working as a travel coordinator for an adventure travel company. I got into the business, because I am passionate about travel, but I’m finding that I am too busy with work to travel myself….I KNOW that this is something that I will take advantage of in the near future. I’ll be in touch when I’m ready. Thank you for showing me how I can make my passion into my career.” — Carly Hopkin



“I get it!!! This has been my life…I save up forthe next trip and roll! I want so much to share this with others. Guide them on adventures they’d never take alone…and educate and crack them up all at the same time! Your info is inspiring and I would love to learn more from you!!!! Thanks- Jen” –Jenifer Harris



“Thank you soooo much for sending your course! I very much enjoyed it-I’ve read it twice now! Even looked at most of the sites you have listed as well. I’m currently working as a Luxury Cruise Consultant (a swanky name for a travel agent…lol…) so I have the experience and am at least familiar with the products available. But I will be only TOO happy to get out of the place I’m at right now…! You’re course was soo uplifiting and exciting. What an AMAZING way to live and make a living. I’d also just like to thank you for your follow up-very reassuring. The fact too, that you seem to have a healthy support system is also very reassuring. Thank you for everything so far. And I will be in contact.” — Elisa Johnston



” I’m just writing to tell you how after reading the Free travel course I started to hyperventilate several times, due to the idea and excitement of this idea. I cant believe I found your course when I did, iv been looking for this opportunity for the longest time. I don’t like, living from check to check for some corporation that is dead end…and this is an opportunity that a young guy sees in his future. so anyways I’m just telling you thank you. ” — Joseph Domalik



“This course has a lot of outstanding information. i can’t believe you give this away for free! mille grazie, silvia” — Silvia Pepperman



“The travel course was great. Loved it. It’s hard to believe that a person can actually get paid well to travel. Everything else that I have looked into was about either travel writing or travel photography. The photography still interests me but what you are offering seems to be a more viable and immediate opportunity. I have already made up my mind, this is something I want to pursue. I have been trying to find something I can do that I already have a love and or passion for. I have always love to travel and explore. Thanks for your time, look forward to continuing the relationship.” — Athena