Travel Course FAQ’s

Is this for real…can I really have a great travel job?

Yes. It is very real. And it is not a new thing. It has been a part of the travel industry since the very beginning. However, very few people know about it, or understand how they can do it. Most people that do know about it, do not know how to do it right. They end up doing all the busy work, and then they seldom get to enjoy the vacation. We can show you how to avoid a lot of the work, and make it so that when you go on these luxury vacations with people… you are also on vacation!

It is not hard, but it does take some effort. It is not a free ride. You are getting paid a lot of money to provide a needed service. And the demand for this service is exploding due to four major economic trends. So this is a booming business!

You will want to get our free Travel Course if you are considering becoming a travel agent, or are looking at being a tour guide or tour director (or any other travel job). This travel course has valuable information, that could save you thousands of dollars in tuition costs charged by various travel schools, travel programs, or other travel courses.

If you are already a travel agent, tour director or tour guide, then you need to read this course. Chances are, that this Travel Course will be able to show you how to have the travel career that you had hoped for when you first became a travel agent or tour guide.

So yes, it is very real. You CAN get paid to take luxury vacations! Are you ready to get started?

 Why is this travel course free?

We offer Mark Ewing’s travel course “How to Get Paid to Take Luxury Vacations with People!” for free as a way to introduce you to the leisure group travel business, the travel opportunities, the driving economic factors, and most important the lifestyle, benefits and career path that can be achieved in this part of the travel industry.

We also are giving you this course with the hopes of developing a long term relationship with you. We hope that someday you will become our customer. We use it as a way to introduce you to the training and programs that Travel Pro Resources can provide you, should you want to follow through on this and achieve on your travel goals and dreams.

It should be noted that the course has an abundance of excellent information about the industry. Over 98% of the course is just solid information on how to get paid to travel the world on your terms. No purchase is ever necessary or required to become a group travel organizer, and to follow the advice and information that is given in this travel course. You will be pleasently suprised that the quality and quanity of information contained in this course.

Even though we have been told that we are “giving away the farm” here, and that should charge for the information in this travel course, at this time, we choose to offer it for free. We reserve the right to change this policy in the future.

Am I going to have to buy something?

No. Absolutely not. The Travel Course is yours for free. No strings attached.

And no purchase is required or necessary to take action on what is being presented in the Travel Course.

That being said, we do hope that this course motivates and inspires you to take action on your travel dreams and goals. Further more, we wish to develop a long term relationship with you, should you decide to become part of this wonderful industry. Why? Because we offer a wide varity of training and mentoring programs in the leisure group travel industry.

In short, we hope that you will become a customer of ours in the near future.



Why do you need my contact information?

In exchange for the travel course, we ask you to give us your name and email address.

We do this for four reasons:

      • First of all, we deliver the download instructions to you by email.
      • We want to be able to follow-up with you to make sure that your were able to access and utilize the course, and then…
      • To follow-up with you regarding how we can help you further realize your travel dreams, and…
      • We want to be able to track our results.

We have a very strict Privacy Policy, and we will never share your contact information with anyone. You also have the ability to opt-out at any time, and have your information removed from our records permanently.

We offer the travel course to you for free as an incentive for you to share your information with us. If you are concerned about this, please feel free to contact us directly at 303-589-6868. Or you can email us at